Stuart Lyall Details Strategies for Planning a Vacation to Australia

Stuart Lyall is one of the most respected travel planners around and has shared his travel expertise with vacationers heading to destinations both far and wide. A native of Australia who is also known for his deep knowledge of Asia’s best travel destinations, Lyall took some time away from his busy professional schedule to share some advice on how to plan the perfect vacation to Australia.

“Know Thyself”

According to Stuart Lyall, many first-time visitors fall into a fairly predictable pattern and visit all of the places in Australia that everyone always visits. While most visitors enjoy these destinations and certainly do not regret targeting them as a part of their travel plan, Lyall pointed out that it is simply more ideal to try to individualize a travel plan based on the unique interests of the traveler. This will require some fairly in-depth research in the early stages of the vacation planning process, but the effort is often entirely worthwhile and ensures that travelers are able to experience the best possible version of Australia.

Adopt a Relatively Broad Planning Focus

Stuart has often noted the value of retaining some flexibility while creating a travel plan, and he prefers to create a relatively loose outline that provides enough structure that time is not likely to be wasted but also gives travelers the option to make changes on the fly or to act spontaneously when appropriate. Of course, Stuart Lyall also pointed out that some travelers prefer more structure than others, so he often focuses on a balanced approach to planning that takes the personal preferences of the traveler into consideration.

Focus on Quality of the Experience, Not the Quantity

Many travelers make the mistake of trying to squeeze as many experiences as possible into a relatively short timeframe. Stuart counsels his travel clients that the quality of the experience is what matters most, and taking the time to truly enjoy an experience is far better than rushing from one place to another in the interest of doing as much as possible. It would be best to plan for a lengthy stay in Australia to really get a full sense of everything the country has to offer, but that is not always practical. In those circumstances, Stuart suggests identifying just a few places or activities that can be enjoyed without being cut short by other plans.