QASymphony: How Can New Tech Companies Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace?

Newly founded tech companies face a number of challenges as they attempt to establish a foothold in an astonishingly competitive marketplace. It is indeed true that the tech sector has expanded at an incredible rate in recent years and it certainly appears as though that expansion will only continue. Even with the healthy growth rate in this industry, there are so many new companies founded each and every day that it is necessary for newcomers to understand how to immediately set their company apart from competitors.

According to QASymphony, operational efficiency should be prioritized by startups looking to gain an early foothold in a competitive tech environment. Startups, by their very definition, are often lacking in the efficiency department, which has a limiting effect on every aspect of their operations. An early focus on operational efficiency will ensure new tech companies are able to bring their innovative ideas to market before any other company has the opportunity to do so, which is especially critical given the pace of innovation and the level of competition associated with the tech sector.

Since software development is such a key component in the operations of just about every tech startup, the pace of the development process is one of the most common areas in which improvements in efficiency can result in substantial operational gains. It is too often the case that the testing process lacks an appropriate structure designed to ensure efficiency at every phase of testing, which is why so many tech companies can benefit from a test management tool capable of integrating across multiple levels.

To illustrate how such a test management tool can enhance efficiency throughout the testing process, one has to look no further than the tools developed by QASymphony. For example, qTest is a robust JIRA test management tool that deeply integrates at both the requirements and defect levels, which allows development and testing teams to enhance the quality of the results they achieve in a quicker timeframe. This is possible through the tool’s ability to assist in all facets of the development process, including planning, tracking, and testing.

Every tech startup begins with a core concept in which its founders truly believe, and this belief is strong enough that the founders are willing to take substantial risks in order to bring it to the market. Tech startups that flounder in such a way that they are unable to achieve their stated goals may have simply misread the market or overestimated the strength of their core concept, but there are many instances in which the strength of the core concept could not overcome the startup’s operational inefficiencies. It is for this reason that startups should sharply focus on instilling efficient operational practices right from the beginning.