San Francisco Giants Fans are Crazy

images2WK0K4CR imagesOVXBJZCRThe fan base for the San Francisco Giants is crazy.  by that I mean that they are devoted to the team no matter what happens.  They follow them to training camp and watch their every move online and on the TV.  They spend a fortune for sports packages on cable to see every game. They spend a fortune on the tee shirts and hats for their whole family.  The wives are forced to wear the stuff too of suffer their husbands wrath.  This obsession is part of the appeal that make the games fun to watch.  Brandon Hopkins is as crazy as fans come. Just imagine how crazy the fans can get.

SF Giants Baseball

images (10) images27IL3FB5The baseball fans of the San Francisco Giants are some of the most loyal fans you can find.  They follow them to training camp just to get a look at the players for the year.  The live their stats and study their games like a programmer.  The end result is a finely tuned fan machine.  The highly programmed robots buy up everything Giants related.  They wear the hats and tee shirts every day.  They even make their kids wear this stuff too.  In the Joe Olujic interview you will get the idea of what a fan thinks. Fans are always looking for way to show their team pride.

Technology Gone Wrong

I think we sometimes create technology that fixes a nonexistent problem.  The new smart watches are a fad and of no real use.  Why have a device that poorly mimics the smart phone?  The little screen is impossible to read from and the smart phone has to be near the watch for blue tooth connection.  I personally believe that the watches will fail to take hold as they are just a novelty.  Is that the best idea that Appleuntitled (100) imagesFP4NV3GH can come out with.  This technology has been out for years.  Dana Sibilsky bought the Apple watch because he is an Apple fanboy.

Solar for your Phone?

untitled (53) untitled (52) untitled (51)There are solar cases for you phone.  I think this is a great idea.  If you are lost in the desert and you phone goes dead that solar charger might save your life.  For the everyday dude the battery would last a lot longer.  I cant wait for mine.  Now it might be the cheapest accessory for your phone but it might be better than carrying a extra battery.  I think that all our portable devices could benefit for some solar.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football can put solar in their helmets.

Solar Fad

untitled (5)Everything is going solar.  Solar charging phones and cars as well as your house.  When is the pricing going to come down so poor folk like me can afford it.  I would like to put panels on my roof to get free electricity but it would take two life times to break even.  The life pan of a panel is 20 years so it just doesn’t make sense.  With the federal incentives it begins to make some sense but why so much?  The have no moving parts and cant be that hard to make. is a solar nut site. I personally have not jumped on the band wagon yet.  How about you?

Teach Tec

untitled (12)Programs that appear as games but really teach children are really important tools.  Kids are drawn to the tablet, phone or computer so why not use it to teach them.  I don’t have the best teaching skills.  I just don’t have the patience for it.  I assume that kids know more than they do and that just drives me nuts.  I I could find a series of programs that would teach them the simple things then follow up with the detail that would be great.  Most of the stuff on these games is designed to keep the child interested.  With short attention spans the kids are a challenge.  Dove Medical Press interview is an example of educational information.

Energy From Solar and Wind Is Worth a Deeper Look

While more and more people are beginning to realize that solar power and wind power are both viable sources of energy, there still seems to be a significant level of resistance to the widespread adoption of these technologies. Some of this may be due to our comfort in using fossil fuels, as it is the energy source that we have relied on for so long.

It is time, however, to do what the Foundation for Defense of Democracies does on a daily basis by emphasizing what is best for the country as a whole. Renewable energy sources will require some serious changes in infrastructure, but that does not mean those changes are not worth it. This is especially the case now that many companies have been able to demonstrate an ability to store the energy generated from solar power for use over time.

There will be a time when we are no longer reliant on fossil fuels for our energy needs, and that time may be very close on the horizon. All that is necessary is the understanding that these technologies are much more advanced than many people realize, and there is value in accepting that there may be sustainable resources available on a widespread basis.

Technology Is About to Get Even More Sophisticated

A look back at the most prominent technologies of just five years ago makes it seem like we were still living in the Stone Age when compared to the advancements we enjoy today, but the technologies that are currently being developed are going to be a step forward that will take us much further than many of us could have ever imagined.

While most Americans are impressed that a company like All Language Alliance, Inc., is able to create such a vast network of translators that any language can be translated by a native speaker who also possesses subject-specific knowledge, the technological developments that are in the works are even more sophisticated.

It may seem hard to believe, but we are poised to be able to submit DNA samples through our handheld devicesin the near future. Perhaps not too many people will be excited by the prospect of such a sample being transmitted through an iPhone, but Apple believes that the widespread transmission of such data could prove incredibly valuable for research on how to prevent and cure disease.

The idea that an application is close to complete that will be able to do such a thing is almost unbelievable, but any technological advancement should no longer come as much of a surprise.

SF Giants and Baseball Obsession

My son in law  and his family or so SF giants and baseball obsession  based they live breath and eat it if they could. He makes his family dress in the colors or SF Giant gear before all the games and wear them during the game.  He knows all the players names and batting scores.  They go to all the home games they can get away to. These are the true fans or obsessed baseball groupies which makes the American pass times so much fun and needed today and now loved pass time.  Eric Gonchar would never put baseball ahead of his kids.

SF Giants Team Pride

SF Giants team pride they love to grow the breads or do quirky things to safeguard that they have a lucky year.  Just as the SF Giants fans have pride to go along with this same quirky thinking.  Why is it in human nature to believe that lucky maybe if you wear and garment over and over are rub a lucky charm that you have luck but find it hard to say that God may not be how is this thinking right to believe in one thing and not trust in god being real Its my opinion he is real and luck maybe too. Just his Youtube account will show the way.