How Professionals Like Kim Bettasso Benefit From The Information Age

The Information age, also known as the digital age and the computer age, has changed our lives and how we do business by bringing about a technological revolution which started in 1969 with the Internet, but what about before the Internet in 1969? Since then, it’s obvious we have come a long way and as fast as technology around us evolves and upgrades every few months, it seems as though this is only the beginning as the technological revolution continues to pick up more and more speed, driving us wherever our imaginations dare to go.

Business will never be the same again. Everything is done online, even filling out job applications and now ordering fast food and checking into a salon for a haircut can be done through the comfort of your computer or smartphone. You can even set up a portfolio as we can see here with Kim Bettasso as our example. She has set up her personal profile which goes into detail of who she is, what she does and what she has already done. You can even see her achievements, experience and other qualifications as well as her work history and so much more. The technology today has made it so easy to find a professional such as Kim Bettasso, look at their success and get in contact with them in a matter of seconds. Truly, truly amazing to be connected.

As far as the future of the information age that has changed our world, who knows what to expect next? From the look of the way technology is heading, it will have something to do with artificialĀ intelligence and virtual reality. The convenienceĀ seems to be getting more convenient, andĀ that could pose as a problem in the near future.