Groza Learning Center

Groza Learning Center is a successful learning center that provides specialized learning lessons for students with specialized needs. Some students struggle with learning, and need a place where special needs will be met.

At Groza Learning Center a full academic schedule will be provided. They also offer preparation and the tools to help each student learn the skills need to improve their education needs.

Scott Groza is the co-founder at the Groza Learning Center, along with his wife. The center provides students- Pre-school through college with special learning tools. His tam is dedicated to academic development and implement nuances and proven techniques into students lesson. He is dedicated to interacting with the teachers, tutors, staff, parents, and students. He feels that establishing this kind of communication- will meet the needs of each person involved. His main goals is that he is committed to achieving growth. He also believes that the social media- Instagram and Facebook is an amazing tool to communicate.

The Groza Learning Center also is a community that share their experiences, habits, failures, and lessons. 

It also has a scholarship that was created to help students with reaching their goals, by attending a college or a university. Every year, a student is chosen- and they will have an opportunity to respond in a short 500 work essay. To become eligible, students must meet these standards:

  • High School graduate and have been accepted to a college or university
  • Students that are already enrolled in a college or university

The Groza Learning Center is a place where teachers and tutors look forward to teaching students academics and provide them with all the tools that they will need to excel with all their education pursuits.