Marlon Kobacker Takes The Lead Towards A Low-Carbon Future

Marlon Kobacker Low Carbon

At the point when arranging the energy adjustments that should happen as the world starts its long haul move to a new energy framework, taking the price of the work needed to be done into consideration when figuring out which sorts of low-carbon innovation to create can be a messy job. Fossil fuels have been the way we have powered the world until electricity was discovered.

It is possible that carbon pricing could encounter a comparable destiny. In Australia, carbon costs have been low for quite a long while, and until further notice market members appear to take after the group in trusting that they will remain.

Albeit numerous are apprehensive about the expense of the new innovation to create a more beneficial and cleaner living, cost doesn’t begin to consider numerous components of another innovation’s actual cost, for example, fleeting advantages. As indicated by Marlon Kobacker, we will pay more cash and more than just cash on the off chance that we don’t soon change from fossil energy.

Marlon drives the Sustainability Advisory business at Sustainable Future Group, interfacing his configuration aptitude with clean energy to help Australia move to a low carbon future.

How Professionals Like Kim Bettasso Benefit From The Information Age

The Information age, also known as the digital age and the computer age, has changed our lives and how we do business by bringing about a technological revolution which started in 1969 with the Internet, but what about before the Internet in 1969? Since then, it’s obvious we have come a long way and as fast as technology around us evolves and upgrades every few months, it seems as though this is only the beginning as the technological revolution continues to pick up more and more speed, driving us wherever our imaginations dare to go.

Business will never be the same again. Everything is done online, even filling out job applications and now ordering fast food and checking into a salon for a haircut can be done through the comfort of your computer or smartphone. You can even set up a portfolio as we can see here with Kim Bettasso as our example. She has set up her personal profile which goes into detail of who she is, what she does and what she has already done. You can even see her achievements, experience and other qualifications as well as her work history and so much more. The technology today has made it so easy to find a professional such as Kim Bettasso, look at their success and get in contact with them in a matter of seconds. Truly, truly amazing to be connected.

As far as the future of the information age that has changed our world, who knows what to expect next? From the look of the way technology is heading, it will have something to do with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The convenience seems to be getting more convenient, and that could pose as a problem in the near future.


On the Benefits of Using Technology in Moderation

There has been plenty of ink spilled over concerns regarding continual advances in technology affecting every aspect of our life, with many authors jumping to absurd conclusions that predict nothing short of doom. These hyperbolic musings frequently go too far, but even though the authors of these diatribes are usually dismissed as Luddites or as representatives of a simple anachronism, there might be some truth in their extreme warnings.

It is true that technology has pervaded nearly every aspect of our lives, and yet we do not quite understand the manner in which relying on technology affects our interpersonal relationships or our cognitive development. Even Pope Francis has conflicting views on the subject, warning that social media “can stop people from learning how to live wisely, to think deeply and to love generously.

These kinds of statements have come from others as well, and there is something to be said for using technology in moderation. There is no iron-clad doctrine regarding what is too much and what is too little, but most people are sensible enough to recognize the frivolous use of technology. When it comes to personal interaction, face-to-face encounters should be prioritized over all else. It is rude to communicate via text or social media while in the company of others, and the result of this type of behavior — as Pope Francis suggested — is an adverse impact on the quality and depth of conversation.

That does not mean technology will ruin everything. It makes perfect sense, for example, to take full advantage of technology to develop a long-term investment strategy, and Kimra Bettasso of 401K Retire Logic is a perfect example of technological balance. The financial advisor uses technology to complement her vast knowledge and understanding of retirement strategies to assist clients rather than wholly relying on an automated system that may have design flaws.

Old Tech

New tech vs. old tech is a good topic.  Old tech tells us what works and what doesn’t.  Beta Max failed as VHS worked.  Both eventually become obsolete due to CD technologyimages77YJH3XG untitled (353).  What to do with all the VHS tape.  I guess that the best thing to due is adapt to the best tech as it comes.  That can be an expensive proposition.  If the old tech is still doing what you need why let it go. is an old school site. I like the old scool stuff because I am getting too old to keep up.  Old tech is an old friend that you know is obsolete.

Solar Fad

untitled (5)Everything is going solar.  Solar charging phones and cars as well as your house.  When is the pricing going to come down so poor folk like me can afford it.  I would like to put panels on my roof to get free electricity but it would take two life times to break even.  The life pan of a panel is 20 years so it just doesn’t make sense.  With the federal incentives it begins to make some sense but why so much?  The have no moving parts and cant be that hard to make. is a solar nut site. I personally have not jumped on the band wagon yet.  How about you?

Energy From Solar and Wind Is Worth a Deeper Look

While more and more people are beginning to realize that solar power and wind power are both viable sources of energy, there still seems to be a significant level of resistance to the widespread adoption of these technologies. Some of this may be due to our comfort in using fossil fuels, as it is the energy source that we have relied on for so long.

It is time, however, to do what the Foundation for Defense of Democracies does on a daily basis by emphasizing what is best for the country as a whole. Renewable energy sources will require some serious changes in infrastructure, but that does not mean those changes are not worth it. This is especially the case now that many companies have been able to demonstrate an ability to store the energy generated from solar power for use over time.

There will be a time when we are no longer reliant on fossil fuels for our energy needs, and that time may be very close on the horizon. All that is necessary is the understanding that these technologies are much more advanced than many people realize, and there is value in accepting that there may be sustainable resources available on a widespread basis.

Technology Is About to Get Even More Sophisticated

A look back at the most prominent technologies of just five years ago makes it seem like we were still living in the Stone Age when compared to the advancements we enjoy today, but the technologies that are currently being developed are going to be a step forward that will take us much further than many of us could have ever imagined.

While most Americans are impressed that a company like All Language Alliance, Inc., is able to create such a vast network of translators that any language can be translated by a native speaker who also possesses subject-specific knowledge, the technological developments that are in the works are even more sophisticated.

It may seem hard to believe, but we are poised to be able to submit DNA samples through our handheld devicesin the near future. Perhaps not too many people will be excited by the prospect of such a sample being transmitted through an iPhone, but Apple believes that the widespread transmission of such data could prove incredibly valuable for research on how to prevent and cure disease.

The idea that an application is close to complete that will be able to do such a thing is almost unbelievable, but any technological advancement should no longer come as much of a surprise.

Technology Advanced The Modeling Industry

Look at pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Born in 1926 in the booming city of Los Angeles, she was an American actress, model, and singer whose career skyrocketed and today she’s still largely famous and quoted often.

Now look at pictures of other recent famous models such as Candice Susan Swanepoel or Kate Upton. Do you see the difference in photo quality?

It’s no doubt or new discovery that as the Digital Revolution began, technology has become more advanced at first with every few years, then every year up until now with new technological advancements and discoveries happening every 4 months!

The improvement in the quality of pictures from Monroe’s day until our present time is incredible, no argument there. The latest and greatest cameras and photo editing software technology can provide to day will be seen at this UK models management firm.

As mentioned before, the technology is advancing at a rapid, exciting rate and who knows how fast your multi-thousand dollar Canon EOS 1Ds Mark 3 DSLR camera will be outdated

NASA Working Towards Deep Sleep Machine For Astronauts!

While it may seem like something from science fiction, NASA is actually trying to develop Machines that will allow a human being to enter “deep” sleep cycles and maintain asleep while they travel to Mars for Lunar exploration and maybe even terraformation! Why is it so important? torpor-1673x1117Well mars is about 180 days worth of travel, loading a crew, food, water, waste material, and fuel for all this time traveling is too costly and too dangerous for the future of space exploration. The way it works is by lowering a humans body temperature from the inside out to about 50-70% metabolic rate. Once there the subject is hooked up with nutrients fed by a drip system which will keep them alive and maintained until their destination. How cool is science!

Vince Malfitano Talks GTX 780

The most commonly used graphics card used in high-end gaming and streaming is the GTX 780 TI. The GeForce GTX 780 Ti is the best GTX-780-TI-123-1gaming GPU on the planet. It delivers an extreme experience to game at the highest resolution at ultra settings with quiet, cool performance. CUDA cores range at 2880 MHz with a base clock of 876 but can be boosted to 928 MHz. Memory speed is 7.0gbps with 3 gigs onboard RAM. This card is built for heavy lifting and if it could talk it would say “Vince Malfitano do you even lift bro?”.  The only other card that compares is the Radeon R9 290x and even then it falls about 2-4% lower than the 780.