Questions to Ask Yourself before Investing in New Technology

Saleh Stevens

Saleh Stevens

Businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve must find creative ways to do things. With technology, this doesn’t necessarily mean buying and adapting every new software or gadget that hits the market. To avoid wastage of resources, the investment should be clear cut to serve a specific purpose. Businesses that have invested in technology have seen their operations expand and their savings grow. According to the Small Business Chronicle, modern technologies such as virtual office, video conferencing and social networks are contributing to the growth of the business by eliminating the traditional boundaries that impede growth.

The other key benefits of the technology include creating the efficient workplace, improving communication and harnessing human capital by instituting an enhanced system of screening and hiring of workers. This process makes it easy for firms to target and track potential candidates and hires they want. On the other hand, improved communication using multiple channels often means better connections with clients and partners. Even as businesses invest in new technology in order to remain competitive in the marketplace, the whole process must be carefully crafted and implemented to avoid expensive disappointment. According to Commercient, here are 6 questions you need to ask before adopting new technology.

1. Establish if there is a learning opportunity
One desirable quality about a good technology is the learning opportunity it affords the users. The training should be conducted within a reasonable time frame to give the staff ample time to learn and appreciate the technology. It is important to note that quick learning minimizes lost time and ensures mass adoption.

2. Does it allow boundless or constrained collaboration?
Getting a technology that is easy to use is one thing, seeking one that allows boundless collaboration is another. Collaboration enabled software’s are critical in creating new ways to work, communicate and share information. For example, a good sales solution should allow the sales force to peer through the inventory, check customer records and complete procured orders in real time. The staff should also be in a position to serve the customers whenever and wherever they are.

3. Is the new technology scalable?
The question of scalability is very important, more so if you are thinking of expanding your business in future. Scalability is not just a question of price and processing speeds, you need to determine if the technology can expedite huge volumes of orders, co-opt more users and remain cost efficient at the same time. If the issue of scalability is pertinent to the day to day running of the business, ensure the new technology is tested for conformity before making the investment.

4. If it is a software, how well does it integrate with other systems present?
Application systems, whether CRM systems, e-commerce platforms or ad hoc third-party software’s all need to be integrated with one another to ensure steady workflow. Always ensure the software you are acquiring is well integrated without overlook the software capabilities and functions.

5. How safe is the technology?
Security is one of the most important considerations for adopting any new technology. You must always ask yourself whether the technology poses any risk to the security of your data and ensure your personal information and that of your employees and clients are safeguarded at all times. Other authorized personnel should also be in a position to carry out their work in an environment that is not compromised to ensure the integrity of data.

6. Peer on the competition
The world of business is often fraught by cut-throat competition. Before investing in a new technology, it helps to find out what the competition is using. Doing so will help you stay ahead of the curve in as far as the technological changes are concerned and get insights into what is best for business.

Besides the aforementioned, businesses also need to identify the parts of the business that require technology; establish how quickly the technology will change and find out how long the new investment will pay back. These ideas are well-aligned with today’s dynamics, where the demand for change, profitability, and enhanced productivity supersede everything else in the business. One of the tech heads driving change in corporate America today is Saleh Stevens.

Saleh Stevens is the CEO of Continental Clinical Solutions, a multi-therapeutic firm that uses cutting-edge technology to perform clinical studies and research. The solutions offered by the company target physicians in all therapeutic spheres looking to increase their revenue and benefit from cost-efficient clinical research. Saleh Stevens received his education at Wesleyan University and is currently based in Washington, DC. During his free time, he writes a lot about technology and global finance.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Application in the Healthcare Sector

The world is going through a major industrial revolution comparable to the one experienced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Every day, there is an emergence of new technologies characterized by the merging of the physical and digital worlds. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the name of this new industrial revolution. A perfect example of the application of AI is in the transport sector where we have self-driving cars. Healthcare sector is another area where AI is expected to play a significant role enhancing provision of healthcare services.

Examples of AI Application in the Healthcare Sector

AI has continued to gain popularity in the healthcare sector. A survey by Frost & Sullivan in 2016 projected this market would be worth around $6.6 billion by 2021.

• 3D printing has been used to speed up wound healing by creating body parts such as blood vessels and skin cells.

• AI has been used the development of eye drops that eliminated the need for surgery to treat cataracts.

• Second Sight Medical Company has developed an artificial eye for those with vision problems.

Medical Applications of AI in the Future

Data Mining

AI has been found to be very efficient in collecting, storing, and analyzing data. It is therefore expected to play a vital role in the healthcare sector by managing data related to the patients. It will become easier for medical practitioners to recommend treatment as they will be accessing information about the patient faster than ever before.

Online Consultation

The availability of the patients’ history will make it easy for doctors to recommend treatment without necessarily meeting the patients physically. Apps are expected to replace doctors in recommending medications upon identification of the symptoms. Besides, some of these apps will also be reminding the patients to take medications.

Development of Treatment Plans

AI is also expected to provide medical practitioners with available treatment options for each case. Specific AI programs can analyze structured and unstructured data such as clinical notes. Such programs are supposed to be of an essential benefit to clinicians in helping them in selecting the best treatment method.

Development of Drugs

The process of developing drugs is tedious and costly. A faster, more efficient, and cheaper pharmaceutical development process would have a significant impact on this industry, especially reduction of the cost of medicine and enhancing the health of individuals. Thanks to AI. AI has been employed in the search for better drugs to treat diseases like Ebola virus. AI technology significantly reduces the time required to achieve this goal from months or years to just a day.

The prejudices and fear about AI technology have hampered its penetration and use in the society. It is essential for people to learn the significant role AI technology can play in enhancing our health. There is a growing consensus among various professionals that AI will eventually take control of human life. However, measures such as the development of ethical standards among others can play a major role in ensuring that humans gain maximum benefits from AI technology.

The continued use of AI technology in the healthcare sector is expected to cause significant disruptions in the industry. One thing that we are sure of is that the technology will have a substantial impact in improving our health through better disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

About David Lubbat

David Lubbat is a prominent tech savvy. He has had an interest in web development and computer software, and this has played a major role in starting his own graphic design company. The company provides web development services to its clients.

Additionally, David Lubbat has provided consultation services for over a decade. He helps startup companies in forecasting their models. Due to his enormous interest in technology, he is the right man to rely on when you want to know about the latest technologies and their impacts on humans.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Construction and Real Estate

As VR continues to grow, many industries are catching up to embed the technology in their operations in a bid to streamline processes. One of the industries that have seen massive benefits from using VR is real estate, which has embraced the technology to enhance how designers and marketers approach problems. This is a revolutionary technology that has not only made business in real estate efficient, but also allowed clients to have a better say on the projects they feel suit their needs. Companies that have not yet embraced VR in real estate should understand they are missing important benefits as shown below.

Keep costs low

Real estate VR has impacted the work of developers by helping them cut costs when designing projects and presenting them to the market. Designers no longer need the many tools they used to rely on when designing projects as VR has come with many templates that can be accessed from the click of a button. The technology is also more accurate, so there is no need to keep doing samples of the same design, which is not only costly, but also time consuming.

Easily reach prospects anywhere

Unlike in the past where one had to travel to inspect a project, VR has enabled marketers to reach prospects without the need to travel. Marketers in the real estate industry can now come up with models of the projects they want to sell and these models are then made to have VR compatibility so they can be viewed remotely through virtual tours. What VR tours do is they give the buyer the impression they are present at a location and one is able to walk around as though it were a real tour.

These tours help the buyer to see the amenities included in the property as well as decide what should be added to make it more appealing to his needs. Companies that have been marketing using virtual reality have reported a boost in sales since they are even able to attract buyers who are based overseas.

Create an emotional connection

With the fact that VR puts the buyer inside a new reality, the experience of having to interact with the surrounding and applying finishes as one would like gives the buyer some sense of ownership, which amounts to an emotional connection with the property in question. VR also ignites creativity on the part of the buyer as they are able to use the many available templates to suggest upgrades and changes they would like effected on the property before they finally acquire it.

Customize surfaces

Real estate virtual reality does not just give you an opportunity to conduct a virtual tour. The technology also allows you to make changes to different surfaces like the walls and floors. This is made possible with the availability of samples for those parts that you can choose to apply to make your finished product better. The architectural 3D models included through VR are designed to help you easily manipulate surroundings to achieve the effect you are after.

For example, you can change the color and texture of walls or even choose a different pattern for the flooring of the house. VR has brought key interactivity in real estate that has made the input of buyers important as they are able to choose what they would like to have within their homes. It is a way of helping them create their dreams.

Capture every angle

The reason VR in real estate is working well is because it helps to capture every angle. The tours not only showcase the interior of the house, but also help you to see what is included on the outer surfaces. The technology is meant to assist you make a decision after you have seen all the key details of the structure, both inside and outside. Therefore, this is the future of real estate and marketing in particular.

How To Stay Personal While Using Tech To Build Relationships With Your Clients

Did you know that marketing is all about building relationships? Many small business owners face marketing as if it is new territory which must be started from scratch for their business. I often teach new business owners that they have much more marketing experience than they are aware of. Have you ever formed a new relationship with someone? Have you maintained it over time? Than you, too, have a wealth of marketing experience!

Marketing is about getting your business out in front of your clients, right? That means that it is about forming relationships. Think about the skills that you have already built up around forming relationships. Chances are, you have been meeting people and making new friends since kindergarten, or earlier. How do you do it? First of all, you are probably nice to them. You might do something for them, like offer them a seat at your lunch table or help them with a homework problem. In adulthood, we might make friends by striking up a conversation, and finding a common ground. Do you see how these would all pertain to marketing?

Don’t let the fact that most marketing is done on a technological platform scare you into thinking that it is all based on foreign concepts. Forming relationships using technology is exactly the same as it is in person. You still must offer value, be kind, start conversations, and find common ground. You still have to get to know a person before presuming that you have a relationship.

Before selling something, you need to have a relationship with your client, and a relationship is a two way street. When using tech to form a personal relationship with your client, in order to sell them something down the road, keep in mind that you have to tell your client about yourself, as well as collect information about them. If your company excels at telling your brands story, but fails to get to know your clients, you will not build strong relationships and therefor will not be able to sell your product or service.

So how can you use tech to build healthy relationships? As I said, remember that it is a two way street. First let’s go over the direction that goes from business to client. This is the part where you are introducing yourself, and telling your story. What is the best way to accomplish this? Here is a list.

Make sure there is a face behind your business (or several). A personal story is more powerful than a general or conceptual idea. People relate to other people, not to ideas.

Share the face of your business through online social platforms such as facebook and instagram. Make sure the face behind your company is easily accessible, and that their lives are somewhat transparent. The internet gives us an expectation for transparency, and a lack there-of will make people suspicious.

Shoot videos and share them on your website, Facebook page, and as Facebook advertising. People love videos, and will trust you more once they see your face and hear your voice. This is a powerful way of introducing yourself.

In addition, let’s go over the ways that you can get to know your client.

Place calls to select clients and ask them questions.

Send out a survey to your loyal customers, and ask them who they are, what they want more of, and what they like about you and your business. Get to know them so that they know they are valued.

Reply to comments on your Facebook feed, website’s blog, or other online content. Ask questions and seek more information about the clients who are already ready to engage and interact.

With these tactics, you can develop a personal relationship through technological formats. Tech should help you form strong relationships, not hinder you! Use technology to get personal and be transparent. Relationships are a two way street.

Krishen Iyer is a marketing specialist who loves to teach and share his ideas on business, marketing, and client relations. Krishen is passionate about helping people improve their business practices and find success within their chosen careers.

How Tech Can Help You Stick To A Budget

A budget seems to be a straight-forward thing, right? It is just an allotment of money, and a plan for spending it. Yes, the idea of having a budget is pretty simple. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty daily action of writing a budget and sticking to it, things get a bit more complicated. Your household budget might effect two or more adults, and you may have several accounts or cards to manage at once.

Keeping track of your budget can quickly fall to the sidelines as you manage daily life. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on it! Having a budget and sticking to it is an essential aspect of getting out of debt! Luckily, technology is here to help. Online accounting services can help you manage all of your accounts in one place, track your spending, set financial goals, come up with a budget, and stick to it!

If you are thinking about the best way to get out of debt, than first get clear about your actual debt situation. Putting your numbers into the debt calculator that Nationwide Debt Direct offers for free is a great first step. Next, decide on an online accounting service. Some excellent options include, Quicken, Debt Goals, and You Need A Budget.

The tech gurus over at have also come up with incredible tools to help everyday people manage their money. They do all of the math behind the scenes, and all you have to do is punch in a few numbers and think about your goals. This is a huge time saver and an excellent resource! is free to use, and you will be amazed at how enlightening it is to finally see all of your accounts in one place. Track how you are using your money, and the program will give you some suggestions about how to improve!

An alternative to is Debt Goals. They will help you run different scenarios, regarding how long it will take you to pay off your debt if you make certain payments. This clarity is very valuable as you face the task ahead! Once you know the problem, you can set a budget, link your bank accounts, and start steadily working towards your goal. The Debt Goals program will help you track your progress and stay motivated!

Other great technological services that can help you stick to your budget include You Need a Budget and Quicken. Both programs will help you become clear on your financial situation, manage your money, and set up a budget. Once you have a budget, keep using the programs in order to stay on track and improve your situation.

Debt can be a frightening thing. Owing creditors money effects the way we work, sleep, eat, and relax. It effects our psychology and our physical health. Luckily, debt is temporary. A budget, as well as help from the debt calculator at Nationwide Debt Direct, can help you get yourself out of debt. It is motivating to set a goal and then see forward progress.

Exclusive Small Business Loans Are A Tool For Growth

Any entrepreneur who has spent time in the market juggling inventories and working with diverse clients, knows that there is a great financial hurdle to overcome in growing into a strong business. The funds that were used to start a business are not the same as a funds used to launch a successful startup to its next big step.

Loan providers like Capital Alliance provide a set of small business loans that are geared toward companies that have a definite profile of potential. The first months and years for every new business can be a strong determinate of future performance. An initial startup can take hold with no financial hang-ups. The client list grows, and the brand demand performs beyond a business owner’s expectations. At a certain point however, every small business encounters a funding blockade that means the difference between operating on a low level, or taking the business to new heights.

The answer is often working with a loan provider that specializes in directing funds to entrepreneurs. Capital Alliance small business loans are ideal for businesses that have a strong presence in their target markets, but need funding to launch new ideas that will help them grow. This type of funding is not for businesses that are just getting starting, but it is for those that have products and services poised for true market success.

These types of loans are extended to companies that can show an annual sales record of $100,000, or more. Obviously, this means that the business has gone through the initial startup phases, has gained a following, and needs backing to grow further. These loans are also given at an extremely low interest rate that beats all traditional banking avenues. All agreements are private, and the lender only provides the loan based on extraordinary knowledge about the borrower’s potential. For entrepreneurs who are certain about their growing business’s integrity, this type of boost is an absolutely essential tool for going forward.

Having a strong and proven ability to generate revenue allows select small businesses to take advantage of Capital Alliance’s financial help with ease. Unlike having to wait for responses when working with national banking groups, there is quick online application that is reviewed within minutes. CA knows that for small business owners, time is money. There is no time to wait for a loan with terrible terms, but there is always time to work with a funding group that wants to help small businesses succeed.

Instead of waiting for that next big group of clients and consumers to propel a next step in growing a business, partner with a group that can provide immediate financial assistance. Your small business has proven that it can survive and thrive in the market, so use private loans to launch it to the next stage.

QASymphony: How Can New Tech Companies Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace?

Newly founded tech companies face a number of challenges as they attempt to establish a foothold in an astonishingly competitive marketplace. It is indeed true that the tech sector has expanded at an incredible rate in recent years and it certainly appears as though that expansion will only continue. Even with the healthy growth rate in this industry, there are so many new companies founded each and every day that it is necessary for newcomers to understand how to immediately set their company apart from competitors.

According to QASymphony, operational efficiency should be prioritized by startups looking to gain an early foothold in a competitive tech environment. Startups, by their very definition, are often lacking in the efficiency department, which has a limiting effect on every aspect of their operations. An early focus on operational efficiency will ensure new tech companies are able to bring their innovative ideas to market before any other company has the opportunity to do so, which is especially critical given the pace of innovation and the level of competition associated with the tech sector.

Since software development is such a key component in the operations of just about every tech startup, the pace of the development process is one of the most common areas in which improvements in efficiency can result in substantial operational gains. It is too often the case that the testing process lacks an appropriate structure designed to ensure efficiency at every phase of testing, which is why so many tech companies can benefit from a test management tool capable of integrating across multiple levels.

To illustrate how such a test management tool can enhance efficiency throughout the testing process, one has to look no further than the tools developed by QASymphony. For example, qTest is a robust JIRA test management tool that deeply integrates at both the requirements and defect levels, which allows development and testing teams to enhance the quality of the results they achieve in a quicker timeframe. This is possible through the tool’s ability to assist in all facets of the development process, including planning, tracking, and testing.

Every tech startup begins with a core concept in which its founders truly believe, and this belief is strong enough that the founders are willing to take substantial risks in order to bring it to the market. Tech startups that flounder in such a way that they are unable to achieve their stated goals may have simply misread the market or overestimated the strength of their core concept, but there are many instances in which the strength of the core concept could not overcome the startup’s operational inefficiencies. It is for this reason that startups should sharply focus on instilling efficient operational practices right from the beginning.

Arturo Alvarez Demalde Picture

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Mr. Alvarez Demalde

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The temperature you will encounter on this journey is an essential attribute which you have to know in order to strategy successfully. You will want to see no matter whether the weather conditions will enable you to camp in the region that you would like to camp. Some rivers may possibly result in some camping regions to flood if too considerably rain has fallen. In addition the weather conditions in this trip will figure out the gear that you are heading to need to have. You can examine the climate by listening to the local radio, information or even examining it on-line.

For most landscapes pictures a large depth of field is required and preferred to preserve all of the elements as sharply in emphasis as possible. Alvarez Demalde So, 1 way to accomplish this with a point-and-shoot digicam is to change your ISO, thus necessitating considerably less light and rising the f cease which raises the depth of area.

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elephant underpass

Groza Learning Center

Groza Learning Center is a successful learning center that provides specialized learning lessons for students with specialized needs. Some students struggle with learning, and need a place where special needs will be met.

At Groza Learning Center a full academic schedule will be provided. They also offer preparation and the tools to help each student learn the skills need to improve their education needs.

Scott Groza is the co-founder at the Groza Learning Center, along with his wife. The center provides students- Pre-school through college with special learning tools. His tam is dedicated to academic development and implement nuances and proven techniques into students lesson. He is dedicated to interacting with the teachers, tutors, staff, parents, and students. He feels that establishing this kind of communication- will meet the needs of each person involved. His main goals is that he is committed to achieving growth. He also believes that the social media- Instagram and Facebook is an amazing tool to communicate.

The Groza Learning Center also is a community that share their experiences, habits, failures, and lessons. 

It also has a scholarship that was created to help students with reaching their goals, by attending a college or a university. Every year, a student is chosen- and they will have an opportunity to respond in a short 500 work essay. To become eligible, students must meet these standards:

  • High School graduate and have been accepted to a college or university
  • Students that are already enrolled in a college or university

The Groza Learning Center is a place where teachers and tutors look forward to teaching students academics and provide them with all the tools that they will need to excel with all their education pursuits.

John Pryor, Rugby Coach, Explains Investing in Low Cost Startups

Investing in startups can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor when done properly, but it can also be difficult to get a seat at the table without the availability of significant capital. Wise investors have long known the benefits of diversification, and it is certainly a risk to put all of your investment dollars into just one or two startups.

rugby-championshipSo rather than focusing on investing in one or two high-dollar startups, John Pryor rugby coach, believes it is much wiser for some investors to turn their attention to a multitude of low-cost startups. The same general rules apply, as it is always important to understand the startup’s market, its competition and, perhaps most importantly, the people running the show.

Pryor compares this to the state of professional rugby teams. When looking at the top level competition Pryor suggests there are two strategies. If you diversify you spread the total budget around to many great players. The other strategy is to spend a premium to attract top talent and fill in the holes with affordable players.

1491494According to John Pryor, investing in low-cost startups represents a safer option that still has the potential to yield a significant financial return. After backing a few startups that were literally operating out of basements and garages, Pryor found that he had hit on a strong investment strategy that did not require massive amounts of capital and did not involve the financial risk that is attached to such big investments.

“It has been my experience that there is significant strength to focusing on these low-cost startups, as it only takes one home run to see a return of anywhere from five to 100 times the initial investment,” said Pryor. “With a low-cost startup, you are dealing with companies that have tremendous growth potential, enabling you to get in on the ground floor when those behind the company are starving for success.”

Pryor has also found that he has been very successful in working with companies that are hesitant to give up control over a big portion of their company in exchange for funding.

“When a company turns down a massive offer in exchange for control — even just some control — over the company, it’s easy to see that they have a firm belief in what they are doing,” noted Pryor. “The safe play is to take the big payout up front, but the ones who turn down those big dollars have a clear vision of what their company can ultimately be. Those are the people you really want to work with.”

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